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BlackBerry 6 OS coming to Bold 9700 and Pearl 3G

BB 6 OS upgrade coming for 9700 and Pearl 3G
BB 6 OS upgrade coming for 9700 and Pearl 3G

RIM has announced it will be upgrading the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and the Pearl 3G to make use of its new browser.

The smartphone operating system upgrade hasn't been given a specific UK release date, but will be landing on these two phones and "all future BlackBerry devices".

The operating system will come with a slightly downgraded user experience, because it's set to work best with touchscreens, but it still will offer a large amount of new functionality.

The new OS for the 9700 and Pearl 3G means the web browser will be upgraded to the new WebKit offering, meaning a faster and more intuitive portable internet experience.


The new BlackBerry OS will come with improved BlackBerry Messenger, overhauled contacts book and an updated Home screen, as well as the new universal search to make finding information much more easily.

RIM has confirmed it will "continue to look after" existing customers, meaning that all of those using older handsets will still be given updates to maintain the performance of their device.