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Best iPhone 5 case: 15 to choose from

Best iPhone 5 case: 15 to choose from
Protect your iPhone 5 with one of these recommended cases
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So you bought an iPhone 5. That's a valuable piece of tech in your back pocket, especially if you plumped for maximum capacity.

Now imagine dropping it. Apple's new baby stands up to knocks fairly well, but even a scuff or a scratch on a half-grand device is going to grate. Isn't it time you put a case on it?

Here's our pick of the best iPhone 5 cases available now.

1. Griffin Protector - $24.99

The Griffin Protector case acts as a middle ground for those wanting increased protection without the military-spec and bulk of the Griffin Survivor. The reinforced silicone boasts extra thickness at the edges, providing added assurance that your device is safe from mid-grade knocks, while the matte finish ensures a decent grip.

Griffin protector

2. Cygnett FlipWallet - $39.95

Despite the fact the iPhone 5 didn't include NFC for mobile payments, that doesn't stop it from being a wallet replacement, especially with the Cygnett FlipWallet. With pockets for credit cards and cash, it turns your iPhone 5 into a mobile pay station, all while protecting the screen at the same time.

Cygnett Flipwallet

3. Griffin Survivor - $49.95

Griffin's über-protective technology is already renowned for its Defence Standard specification, and this iPhone 5 version doesn't buck the trend. Shatter-resistant polycarbonate as well as hinged button and dock plugs cloak the phone, while a built-in screen protector seals in your device, keeping it safe from dirt, sand, rain, shock - pretty much anything the world can throw at it. The equivalent of wrapping your phone in cotton wool.

Griffin Survivor

4. Opena Case for iPhone 5 - $39.95

For all those times you've been caught trying to open an ice cold bottle of beer with your teeth because you didn't have an opener with you, this is the case for you. A slide out stainless steel bottle opener makes opening your stubbies simple while the case itself protects your iDevice with a simple snap-on function.

Opena for iPhone 5

5. Speck PixelSkin HD - $29.95

Soft and durable grippiness defines the PixelSkin HD. Its rubbery, flexible casing pops on and off with ease, but only when you need it to. The raised bevel protects the front panel well, and shields the buttons from dings without impeding access.

Speck Pixelskin

6. Wallee M - $29.95

With a powerful neodymium magnetic case, the Wallee M is more than just a simple protective cover for your iPhone 5. When paired with any of the Wallee M magnetic mounting options, it becomes a versatile storage companion, allowing you to ount the phone on any surface in either landscape or portrait mode.

Wallee M

7. Cygnett UrbanShield - $34.95

The close-fit and smooth bevelled edges of the UrbanShield emphasize the solid protection it gives your phone against keys and coins in your pocket. Meanwhile the rubber rim around the front panel protects the glass from falls, and dips into a nice carbon weave detail on the aluminium rear. A screen protector seals the look.

Cygnett UrbanShield

8. Otterbox Defender - $59.95

The Otterbox weds industrial protection with style in its multi-layer defence against heavy knocks and falls. A candy-coloured polycarbonate skeleton houses a solid inner shell with built-in screen protector, and a large belt clip holsters the entire unit for a third layer of protection. Not too slim then, but very secure.

Otterbox Defender

9. STM Arvo - $39.95

Just like a lazy Sunday afternoon, the STM Arvo is designed to kick back and enjoy the view, thanks to its integrated kickstand. Dual layer construction allows the outside to protect your iDevice, while its kept warm and snug inside. There's access to all your ports, and a satin matte finish to keep it fingerprint-free.


10. Belkin Ease-Fit Plus Armband - $29.95

The last thing you want is a fine sheen of sweat covering your new iPhone when you go for a run, which is what makes the Belkin Ease-Fit Plus such a good option. Not only does the breathable neoprene and Lycra keep your phone dry and safely secured to your arm, it also has a slot for your house key so you don't need to carry anything else.

Belkin Ease-Fit armband

11. Aranez Aquila - $US69.95 ($67.35)

Oozing style with its two-tone leather design, the Aranez Aquila case offers comfortable protection for your iPhone 5, as well as offering convenient pockets for your credit cards. A unique magnetic sealing mechanism and stylish silver stitching helps keep the refined case looking good and being functional.

Aranez Aquila

12. Speck Smartflex Card - $34.95

While many iPhone 5 cases offer an extra sleeve for credit cards and cash, most do it by complicating the case with a flap. Not the Speck Smartflex Card. This case can easily hold three cards and cash securely behind your phone, with a convenient window to pop them out when you need to pay for something.

Speck Smartflex Card

13. Kraken AMS - $59.95

Tougher than the mythical sea creature it's named after, the Kraken AMS is made from impact-resistant silicone, to help keep your phone safe in case you drop it. Interchangeable stands for enjoying media, an integrated screen protector and silicone covers for all the ports to keep out dirt and moisture.

kraken ams

14. Woodchuck Birch - $34.95

Getting back to nature may not be the easiest thing to do with today's modern technology, but the Birch iPhone 5 case from Woodchuck can certainly help you pretend. Made from all-American wood, the Birch may not offer the most protection for your device, given it sticks to the iPhone with 3M adhesive, but it does help it look fantastic.

woodchuck birch

15. Griffin Animal Parade Case - $US20 ($19.25)

If you're looking for a cute and crazy option you could do a lot worse than this Griffin case. Thick silicone encases the handset, while a lovely round rim envelopes the display, which also serves to protect the screen from falls. The goofy design is perfect for kids – if you can trust them with a $800+ device…

griffin animal parade