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Apple iPhone gets iFart social network

iFart social network on iPhone - a golden opportunity to embarrass your friends and family...
iFart social network on iPhone - a golden opportunity to embarrass your friends and family...

Popular Apple iPhone app iFart is set to launch the world's first social network based around the fantastic pastime of trumping.

And while we ignore that sound of Charles Darwin turning in his grave, we have to secretly admit that there is nothing better than having a good old laugh about breaking wind.


iFart from InfoMedia is one of the most popular iPhone apps yet released. What this says about humanity as a race is sure to be the subject of Cultural Studies doctorates at some point in the future.

For now though, lets consider the future of iFart. And it seems that with the newly announced launch of iFart Mobile v2.3, will let users interact with one another and become "Fart Buddies."

The app makes use of Apple's push messaging, which will let you send an array of fart noises to your "Fart Budz" – sure to be appreciated when your 'budz' are in the middle of an important job interview or at a life-or-death doctor's appointment.

To use the new iFart you will also need to register on the GameDock network. The apps' developer Joel Comm shared the secret of what makes iFart so successful, telling Venturebeat:

"iFart has become the de facto novelty app that is referenced every time someone talks about the silly apps people spend money on. But the fact is that it's successful because it makes people laugh and smile.

"We've been creative with the technology Apple has made available and taken the novelty to the next level. Fart Buddies in iFart 2.3 turns the novelty app into a great prank and opportunity for friends to catch each other off guard with random blasts. It's just one more step in our quest for global flatulence domination!"

Via Venturebeat