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Getflix announces VPN service in spite of government piracy crackdown

Getflix announces VPN service

The popular Smart DNS service Getflix has been letting people access geo-blocked services like Netflix and Hulu since its inception, but with things heating up in this country in regards to metadata retention and copyright infringement, Australians are flocking to VPN services in droves.

Now the service has kicked things up a notch by announcing a new addition to its package in an email blast to its users – Full VPN functionality.

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Full VPN is completely free for Getflix subscribers, and if you don’t already have a Getflix account, a subscription is only US$3.95 a month.

Getflix Full VPN offers PPTP and L2TP protocols for fast internet speeds with good encryption, and SSTP and OpenVPN protocols for the strongest level of encryption, however they’re more complicated to setup.

No fear for peer-to-peer?

Getflix has boldly let its subscribership know that they can use its Full VPN services to torrent and use P2P networks safely, claiming that users internet traffic is encrypted when connected to its Full VPN networks.

The email also stated that Getflix has specially-assigned Torrent VPN Network servers deployed for its subscribers.

Such openness toward P2P sharing is surprising from Getflix, especially with the Australian government facing pressure from copyright holders to ban VPN services in this country.

While Getflix is still registered as an Australian business, it was sold to the international parent company Global Stealth, Inc. last year.