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Blackberry Storm 9500 to be launched 14 Nov

Get your hands on a BlackBerry Storm next week
Get your hands on a BlackBerry Storm next week

Vodafone today confirmed to TechRadar that the BlackBerry Storm, RIM's first touchscreen handset, will go on sale from 14 November.

Potential Storm owners (Stormies) will be able to pick up the handset from Vodafone stores as of this date, which means similar scenes to those when the T-Mobile G1 and the Apple iPhone were launched.

Independent purchase

Phones4U will be the independent supplier of the handset, and it began taking pre-orders recently.

Stormies will also be able to get their handsets online from this date as well, which will be free on a £40 per month contract.

There were rumours abound that the Storm was set to launch tomorrow, but members of the public are reporting speaking to Vodafone's customer services and being told the launch has been pushed back... a date which has now been confirmed as next Friday.