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Sony's retro throwback banks on you still having vinyl

Sony turntable

Call it a vinyl comeback. Just hours after the Technics SL-1200G made its resurgence, Sony unveiled a new turntable of its own.

The PS-HX500 has that classic look you may remember from back in the day (I'm getting flashbacks of my parents' record placer and its beige-tinted plastic cover as I type).

It spins vinyl, but this is a decidedly high-tech turner. It will take the tunes you're playing and digitize them onto a USB for storage. You can record tracks in several different formats, all the way up to DSD quality. The best part is you can listen as the tracks are transformed into 0s and 1s.

Unlike your parents' record player, the PS-HX500 is designed not to skip thanks to its hollow arm, and anti-vibrating tech in the legs won't mess with your songs.

Last but not least, it'll work with either a Mac or PC. This could be an audiophile's dream, but we don't know how much it will cost yet. Look for it sometime this spring.