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£83 Android laptop revealed

£83 Android laptops available in Bangladesh
Android powers the most basic laptop

Hot on the heels of India's announcement of a £23 tablet, Bangladesh's prime minister has unveiled an ultra-cheap laptop.

The suspiciously-named Doel will cost 10,000 taka (£83) for the most basic laptop, with three other more advanced units available.

The "Primary" model comes with a Via processor and runs the Android operating system on a 10-inch screen.

The "Advanced" model runs Linux on a Pentium processor, and packs a 14-inch WXGA LED backlit screen.

The in-between models - known as "Basic" and "Standard" - both run Linux on Intel Atom processors.

1.84 billion taka

The laptops are being produced by Telephone Shilpa Sangstha, the country's state-owned telecommunications company, as part of a 1.84 billion taka (£15.6 million) project.

Initially 10 per cent of its components will be produced in Bangladesh, with the government hoping to up that to 60 per cent within six months.

The laptops are part of the government's Digital Bangladesh scheme, which hopes to digitally connect the country by 2021.

"This is a big step towards building a digital Bangladesh. When villages get laptops at a cheaper price they will be connected to the internet and that will bring lots of benefits," Mohammad Ismail, Telephone Shilpa Sangstha's managing director, told the BBC.

via BBC