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LG G6 could inherit one key Samsung Galaxy Note 7 feature

Eyes on the prize, as they say, and for the LG G6, that might mean eyes on your next smartphone, too.

See, the forthcoming flagship device could feature a built-in iris scanner. An iris recognition module is in development at LG Innotek, the components arm of LG, the company confirmed to GSM Arena

This doesn't necessarily mean one will end up in the LG G6, but there's a definite possibility it could given it's being worked on. Plus, the LG G5 lacked eye recognition tech, so the G6 could one-up its predecessor with a feature that feels a bit sci-f (and impresses your friends, too).

Eye spy

Another recent flagship - the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which was pulled from the market because of exploding batteries - packed an iris scanner that relied on a dedicated camera to cast its gaze over users' eyes, as well as a separate selfie snapper. 

LG's module will apparently fuse those two components into one, with some sort of filter calling up one function over the other. This will save space in the device, an ever-important achievement as manufacturers try to squeeze as much tech as they can into slimmer and slimmer handsets. 

Though eye scanners can provide greater protection - the LG G6's will apparently unlock the device, according to AndroGuider - our Senior Mobile Editor Matt Swider found the Note 7's to be a bit gimmicky, especially since fingerprints tend to be faster and easier for users to input. 

That said, the Note 7 iris scanner offers extra security for certain folders, so if you want to keep an app, game or photo away from prying eyes, you can use your own as a lock. 

It's currently unknown when the LG G6 will launch to consumers, but April 2017 looks like a safe bet given the electronic maker's penchant for releasing its G phones then. The LG G6 price will likely be $650/£500/AU$900 if you buy it outright, though carriers will surely have their say about how you pay.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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