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Browser makers up in arms at Windows 7

Windows 7 isn't going to have everything its own way

With all the recent positive press about Windows 7 it was almost inevitable that someone would pop up and accuse Microsoft of the old chestnut that is anti-competitive behaviour.

The first to do so with the new OS in mind is Mitchell Baker (who is definitely a woman - thanks,


) of Firefox-developer Mozilla.

She blasted Microsoft

, claiming: "Our initial review suggests this is a blatant use of the Windows operating system to change the market dynamics of browser usage."

No thanks to I.E.

As with so many such complaints in the past, Baker is saying Internet Explorer is far too prominent in Windows 7 and, thus, severely limits user choice.

According to Reuters, the Norwegians behind the Opera browser are also poised to weigh in against Microsoft's new beacon of hope on the operating system front.

MS to hit back

At the same time, however, Microsoft is attempting to prevent any legal action in the EU by claiming moves to restrict it will only give Google even more power in the online search business.

Whatever comes out of the EU antitrust hearing due next month, it's pretty clear that something is likely to change by the time Windows 7 is finally ready for action in the summer or autumn.