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More than 3/4 of UK web searches were on Google

Google - 300 pound Gorilla
Google - 300 pound Gorilla

ComScore's latest internet usage figures show that more than three in every four searched conducted in the UK use Google search engines.

The staggering figure – which shows a 0.5 per cent change that pushed Google over the 75 per cent mark – show the disparity between the market leader and second place eBay, which holds a 5.5 per cent market share.


Yahoo and Microsoft's search engines have 4.3 and 3.4 per cent respectively – the latter slightly up and the former slightly down on last month's figures, whilst AOL search has overtaken Facebook – largely due to the acquisition of Facebooks' social networking rival Bebo.

The figures – from June – also show 31 million UK internet users conducted at least one search and that a total of 3.9 billion search queries were made.

Google's dominance of search is far from a surprise - but the fact that their market share has grown further will be a major worry for the company's competitors.

Microsoft's open pursuit of Yahoo's search and advertising division shows that the major players are concerned that, unless a concerted push is made to win back a share of search, Google's dominance will continue to grow.