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Google to allow users to block sites from search results

Google will allow you to block sites from web searches

Google has introduced a new tool allowing users to block unwanted web domains from their search results.

So, if you can't stand a site that dominates the first Google page for your tech queries, you can tell Google not to feature that site in your search results any longer.

Once you've clicked that link on the search page, you'll need to come back to the results page and chose whether you want to block it from future searches.

"We're adding this feature because we believe giving you control over the results you find will provide an even more personalised and enjoyable experience on Google," said company engineers in a blog post today.

Personalised searches

Once you've blocked a site you'll then be notified by your Google account and asked to confirm it. You'll also be able to manage the websites you've blocked in your Google account settings.

Google is also considering taking the amount of times a site has been disqualified from users' search results into account when deciding on how websites rank within its algorithms.

The update comes on Thursday and Friday to the latest versions within Chrome, Firefox and IE.