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Google Chrome to have embedded adverts?

Chrome Mac and Linux versions coming soon
Chrome Mac and Linux versions coming soon

Google looks set to expand its domination of the online world, following the launch of its new Chrome web browser. The company didn't rule out embedding adverts directly into displayed pages - much as it does with its email service - according to coverage by ZDNet.

The development of Chrome was a "huge investment" for the company, said Sundar Pichai, Vice President Product Management, despite being based on the open source Webkit software used for the forthcoming Android mobile browser - and latest versions of Safari iPhone 3G browsers.

V8 power

Google also rewrote Javascript from scratch, with the V8 code in Chrome capable of executing Javascript "much much faster" than existing technologies. Demonstrations during the conference showed Chrome out-performing Internet Explorer 8 by a factor of three in loading files locally, and up to ten times faster with Javascript pages - a development that Pichai believes will lead to a resurgence of Javascript websites.

The entirety of Chrome (available for download today for Windows XP and Vista) is open source, with significant elements being used from Firefox and Webkit. The so-called Chromium open source project can be found, under a "very permissive" license, here at Google. Pichai confirmed that Google is "working very hard on Mac and Linux versions".