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Acer unveils its K10 DLP/LED pico projector

Acer K10 pico projector
Acer K10 pico projector

Acer has launched its K10 pico projector for the UK, which combines both DLP technology and an LED lamp.

Texas Instruments' well-respected DLP technology is the norm in Acer's projectors, but the use of an LED lamp in the Acer K10 pico projector is a first for the PC giants.

"We are excited to see Acer leveraging DLP technology to create products that will serve entirely new markets as well as products that will accelerate the growth of existing markets – all by adding even greater value to entertainment and communication experiences," said Acer's Lars Yoder.

Stands out

"Their range of projectors really stands out in the industry, and firmly establishes Acer as a market leader," he added.

The specifications for the projector are a weight of .55 kg and dimensions of 127mmx122mm. Acer points out that the same power adapter that it uses for its laptops can be used for the projector – which is the company's subtle way of telling people to connect it to their own portable PCs.

The projector can throw a 60-inch screen size and remain sharp with 100 ANSI Lumens, making it 'the ideal projector for smaller environments.'