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Nintendo Wii production coming to an end

End of an era...

Despite the Wii still selling better than the Wii U, it looks like Nintendo will be ending production of the 2006-released console soon.

"Manufacturing is scheduled to end soon," says a note on the Wii page on Nintendo's Japanese website, For those interested, in Japanese that's "kinjitsu seisan shuuryou yotei".

Although Nintendo hasn't made an official global announcement, with the notice up on the Japanese giant's Wii page, it is clear that we'll be saying a fond farewell to the console sooner rather than later.

Overall, the Wii has sold over 100 million since its release in 2006, and perhaps pushed Microsoft and Sony to implement the Kinect and Move for their respective consoles.

A Wii for U

Though we don't know exactly when production of the Wii will end, Nintendo is clearly looking to focus attention on the Wii U, which came out November last year.

Unfortunately, sales reports from a few months back shows that the Wii was still out performing the Wii U in popularity.

Between April and June, there were 160,000 Wii Us sold globally. During the same time, 210,000 Wii units were sold.

It will be interesting to see how the Wii U will fare when the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launch next month.

But with the news that the Wii will be coming to an end, it might be the time to stock up on old, likely to be discounted Wii games, which are fortunately backwards compatible with the Wii U.

Via: Kotaku