Microsoft will let you make a clean break with Xbox Live Gold this summer

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Soon these apps and others won't be locked behind Xbox Live Gold

You may soon want to cancel that expensive Xbox Live Gold subscription if you mainly use your Xbox 360 or Xbox One for entertainment purposes, and Microsoft has announced that you'll be able to do it without penalties - and even get a refund for unused months.

There are major changes coming to Xbox Live Gold, including axing the requirement to subscribe to the AU$89 a year service in order to access services like Twitch, Vevo or Skype. Although apps like Foxtel Play hasn't been listed yet, we expect Australian-specific entertainment apps to be included.

These changes, arriving in June, represent a major paradigm shift for Xbox Live, which previously locked almost all worthwhile content behind the Gold paywall.

Now all users will be able to access those services and more without a subscription, and as a result Microsoft is expecting many to cancel their subscriptions - and it's letting them do it scott free, according to a FAQ on the Xbox Support site.

The easiest break-up ever

Xbox Live Gold users who purchased their memberships before the changes go into effect in June will be able to cancel their subscriptions and get a full refund for unused days.

That's going to be extra helpful for those who just renewed their 12-month subscriptions but don't play many games online, since online gameplay is essentially the only remaining feature locked inside Gold.

Of course Xbox Live Gold members will retain other benefits as well, including free games and game discounts, making the service much more like Sony's PlayStation Plus.

If you're going to cancel Xbox Live Gold and request a refund, you need to contact Xbox Live support between when the update arrives in June and August 31.

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