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Atari Breakout deflects all productivity with Google Images Easter egg

Tucked away in the Google Images Search is Atari's Breakout, a game that is celebrating its incredible 37th anniversary this year.

This time-eating Easter egg features a familiar movable blue paddle, a bouncing grey ball, and colorful layers of bricks just like the 1976 arcade original.

But these aren't ordinary bricks - opaque Google Image results fill the about-to-be-busted bricks, starting with photos related to Breakout.

From Level 2 onward, random photo search results made up the bricks in this interactive Google Easter egg. There's everything from "legumes" to "birds" to "German Shepherd dogs" in this unique version of the classic game.

Google Game Over

Breakout ends after you've failed to deflect five balls. This results in an "Images Breakout" score that can be shared via Google+.

Sadly, it's already game over for smartphones, as Google informed TechRadar that the web-based game isn't available on iPhone or Android devices.

"The Easter egg on Image Search is browser-only on desktop and tablet," said a Google spokesperson.

So only your browser-using co-workers will be distracted for the rest of the week.