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iTunes Match now official in the UK

iTunes Match
iTunes Match is now live in the UK

Apple has now officially rolled-out its iTunes Match subscription service in the UK, following 24 hours of confusion surrounding the launch.

iTunes Match appeared briefly to users in the UK, France and Australia on Wednesday before it was quickly pulled, with Apple promising to refund those who'd signed-up.

However, iTunes users in multiple territories are reporting that the iTunes Match tab has returned offering a year's subscription for £21.99 a year.

Not only is the service live but, lo-and-behold, it's actually working, users have told the MacRumors and Macgasm blogs.

Your music on the go

iTunes Match went live in the US last month.

The service scans your hard-drive for music and replaces your tired old MP3s with high-quality 256kbps tracks from iTunes.

Members can then stream their collection from iOS devices, Apple TV and iTunes-enabled Macs and PCs.

Apple hopes the service will keep users in the iTunes ecosystem rather than switching to alternative cloud lockers from Amazon and Google.

Via: MacRumors