Save up to 27% on Hive Active smart lights on Amazon Prime Day

Hive Active smart lights
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There are some fantastic savings on smart home devices for Amazon Prime Day, including up to 27% off Hive Active smart lights.

The Hive Active range is one of the most affordable ways to add smart lighting to your home, and with these generous deals, Hive bulbs are almost the same price as regular lightbulbs.

You can control the Hive Active lights using the Hive app on your phone, or activate them using a preset schedule. You'll need a Hive Hub to get started, but if you already have one, just fit the bulbs like normal and they'll be detected automatically. What could be easier?

Hive Cool to Warm Smart Bulb:£15£13.49 at Amazon

Hive Cool to Warm Smart Bulb: £15 £13.49 at Amazon
If you need some extra bulbs for your Hive smart home setup, Prime Day is the perfect time to stock up. This GU10 spotlight bulb (the kind often used in kitchens) pairs with a Hive Hub, and you can use the Hive app to shift it between warm and cool white light. 

Hive Dimmable Smart Bulb: £12£11.49 at Amazon

Hive Dimmable Smart Bulb: £12 £11.49 at Amazon
Most smart lightbulbs can't be dimmed, but this Hive smart bulb is an exception. The GU10 fitting pushes into most spotlight sockets, and you can control its brightness through the Hive app or set it to activate on a schedule. There's 23% off for Prime Day.

Hive's cool to warm bulbs let you adjust the colour temperature of the light in your room. Try choosing a colder, more blue light to help you wake up in the morning, and a warmer, more orange shade to help you wind down later.

You can adjust the brightness of the dimmable smart bulbs using the Hive app, making it easy to turn down the lighting for a romantic meal, a movie night, or when you're getting ready for bed.

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