The internet browser on the Samsung Galaxy S2 isn't too different from the stock Android offering, with the obvious difference of being so fast at times it may make your socks fall off.

The Galaxy S2 can handle download speeds of up to 21Mbps on HSPA+ – so it's heavily future-proofed there (although won't be able to get to the dizzying speeds of DCHSPA coming later this summer), and the ability to use Wi-Fi over 802.11n means speeds are at a maximum throughout the internet browser.

Samsung Galaxy S2 review

The WVGA screen looks pin sharp when zoomed out on a whole web page, and you can double tap to speedily get to a legible level of text, no matter where you are on the page.

Android 4.0.4 has seen the addition of a refresh button in the URL bar, allowing you to quickly and easily re-load the page you are viewing, without having to pop open the menu and select it from there.

One gripe we do have is the text reflow, as it doesn't do it automatically – you have to dive into the browser settings and select 'Auto-fit pages', which gives the less than perfect result you can see.

It squashes the text to the left, which means you can zoom in more without losing text off the side, but if you want to get up close and personal with each word, expect to slide sideways - a lot.

Samsung Galaxy S2 review

But on the plus side is the Flash video support – it's now much easier to turn this on and off in the browser settings than before too, should you not want it all the time.

Oddly the Flash experience seems even better than on some quad core phones, with the screen providing flawless video a lot of the time.

Thumbnailed bookmarks are, as ever, a nice touch, and with the history and most visited sections also on offer it's very easy to see what bookmarks you should be putting into the main section - and you can now access your saved bookmarks from your Google account in the browser thanks to the Android 4.0.4 update.

Samsung Galaxy S2 review

When you have a page you want to share with the world, the Android internet browser is a great way to do so – simply click the correct option in the settings menu and you'll be able to pump it out to Twitter, Facebook, Messaging, Email or even via Wi-Fi or through RSS.

The discovery of new RSS feeds doesn't go anywhere natively on the phone but to the Google Reader – thankfully this is as easy as tapping the icon in the address bar and you'll have it synched up in no time (or you can copy the URL into another app if you so wish).

Samsung Galaxy S2 review

However now the Samsung Galaxy S2 runs Ice Cream Sandwich you can download the Google Chrome Beta browser, to give you a different surfing experience.

The easy to use tabbed browsing option makes it simple to work with multiple windows, and because of Google's fancy integration skills you can sync the browser with your PC - meaning you can continue browsing when you leave the office and head home.

Samsung Galaxy S2 review

There are numerous other browsers also available in Google Play, such as Opera and Dolphin, if you fancy something a bit different.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 also offers you the option to save web pages for offline reading, which is a nice touch, and the ability to print the page or the text – although this only works on a wireless Samsung printer, but is a nifty notion if you're set up already.