Panasonic TX-P42S20B review

Freeview HD-packing plasma TV that hits the sweet spot

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freeview hd

Even when pushed hard by an action scene, the P42S20's reliable speakers keep sounding open and clear, with intelligible vocals, good detailing and no distortion. The soundstage enjoys a decent amount of width, too, helping you become more immersed in the action.

A little more bass is needed before we could raise the sound score to a five, but it's a good all-round effort nonetheless that's come a pleasingly long way from the extremely average sonics Panasonic's plasma TVs commonly suffered with in the past.


We can't ignore the fact that full HD 40-42in TVs of real quality and longer feature lists are now available for considerably less than the P42S20's near-£1000 asking price. However, you also can't ignore the P42S20's key built-in Freeview HD tuner, LCD-bashing viewing angle properties and the fact that it can look better than the vast majority of rival 42in screens when showing dark HD scenes...