Get your Facebook Page stats on iPhone

Facebook is testing a new Pages management app for the iPhone and iPad. The app, called Pages Manager, is available in New Zealand but could roll out more widely soon.

The official description of the app is; "A new app from Facebook to help you keep up with your Page and connect with your audience in one place."

Facebook Pages Manager to launch on iOS

Facebook Pages Manager to launch on iOS

Based on screenshots the app appears similar to Facebook's existing iOS app, but it adds some new features, like access to Facebook's Insights for tracking analytics data, such as the number of people sharing your page and the total number of people who have been exposed to your brand through the page.

Currently Facebook Page owners can use the conventional mobile solutions - website and the main Facebook iOS and Android apps – to access their Pages and write on their Timelines, but there is no ideal way to get notifications or analytics without a third-party service.

The app is out in New Zealand, and should be out in the US soon, but as yet there are no dates for a UK launch, or whether an Android version will be available.

Via: 9to5Mac