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Apple v Samsung: 10 secrets the court battle has revealed

Apple v Samsung 10 secrets the court battle has revealed

Holy wars and some seriously suss sales figures

Apple and Samsung are scrapping in the courts again, and you know what that means: top-secret stuff gets thrown about with gay abandon, providing us with an insight into the tech giants' most jealously guarded plans, predictions and peeves. So what can we discover from the latest battle in Apple's Android war?

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

Sony Xperia Z Tablet

Sony has kept up the high standards it set with last year's Sony Xperia Tablet Z with a number of fairly minor improvements. The Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet is even slimmer and lighter, while it retains the original's distinctive looks and adds an eye-scorching Live Colour display. Meanwhile an improved processor and more RAM ensure that the tablet is right near the top of the performance tree. However, with the iPad Air and a whole range of improved Samsung tablets arriving in the interim, the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet simply doesn't impress as much as its predecessor did - but that's not to say it isn't one of, if not the, best Android tablet on the market right now if you're a fan of specs and design married together in an interesting and unique way. Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet review

How gadgets are set to change air travel forever

BA plane

Where we're going, we won't need flight mode

The phrase that brings dread at the start of a flight: "Please turn off all electronic devices during take-off and landing. Limited use is allowed during the flight." That wasn't so bad when all you had to do was switch off your Gameboy for a bit (although the lack of saving RUINEDSuper Mario Land) but nowadays, in our smartphone-addicted times, it's akin to being imprisoned in the 1980s for umpteen hours. It means flights are dead time, with no communication with the outside world, limited ability to work or play and during take-off and landing you were all but forced to read the in-flight magazine, which is a fate we wouldn't wish on anyone. There were reasons for this, beyond perhaps the hope that passengers might resort to overpriced alcohol in desperation. Continue reading...

Why NBA 2K14 is the PS4 RPg to beat

Slam dunks over Dark Souls

Flick open the gaming section of Writing for Film and TV for Lazy Hacks, and find the chapter on RPGs. You'll recognise the description instantly: man in late twenties sits in mother's basement, his face illuminated in an otherwise pitch-black room by the glow of his LED gaming keyboard. He's either painfully thin or morbidly obese, and his on-screen character is a grubby, throbbing mess of manliness in ebony armour carrying a sword bigger than Peter Crouch (the book recommends making the most of this reality-game disparity for maximum lols). He clatters at his keyboard and mouse like a concert pianist while a dragon gets hosed by magical abilities in a forest. Just before the mighty beast's health bar is fully depleted, in comes the guy's mum to tell him dinner's ready. The dozy cow! Doesn't she realise the whole realm's at stake? And scene. Continue reading...

Oppo PM 1 review

Oppo PM-1

There's really no other way of saying it: these headphones cost £1,099. Yes, one thousand and ninety nine British pounds. The equivalent of US$1,838 and AU$1,957. It's a truly staggering amount of money, enough to buy you 92 pairs of Apple EarPods; 33 iPod shuffles; Or, the metaphysical concept of shame. But suspend your disbelief for just a few minutes and come with us on a journey through the PM-1's credentials and maybe, just maybe, you'll get to the end of this review in the belief that they're worth the cash. Oppo PM-1 review

Nintendo Game Boy turns 25

The Nintendo Game Boy turns 25

How one gadget changed gaming on the go

Today, Nintendo's pride and joy, the Game Boy, turns 25 years old. It's a day to not only celebrate the release with a game of Tetris (do we really need to give you a reason to play Tetris?), but to fondly remember one of Gunpei Yokoi's greatest inventions. Before we look at how and why Nintendo's handheld impacted gamers' lives, we need to understand a bit about Gunpei Yokoi, the maestro behind the technology. Continue reading...

Which smartphones would survive in space?

Forget waterproof phones which handsets could survive in space

Well, Samsung DID call it the Galaxy...

It's an age old question, one which has troubled scholars almost as much as the issue of whether cats can count. But it's a question which we finally aim to answer: can a smartphone survive a trip into orbit? Firstly, let's get the obvious out of the way: no, a smartphone can't make or receive calls in space, as it's reliant on ground based antennas. So you can't use it as a phone, but what we want to know is whether a smartphone would still work after being left floating in space or whether that harsh, alien environment would prove too much for a device which in many cases can't survive a little water or a fall off a table. Continue reading...

The future of TV social networks recommendations and Chromecast

The future of TV

Social networks, recommendations and Chromecast

It used to be that the television was the centre piece of your living room. An influx of smaller screens in the home, though, has meant that the TV has had to fight a lot harder in recent years for your attention. One way it has done this is with new technology. While 3D fell by the wayside, due to gimmickry, smart TV functionality has finally started to shine through and then there is 4K - a technology that has quickly changed from an out-of-reach luxury to a near affordable one. Continue reading...

Land Rover Vision

Land Rover reveals vision for super-smart robo-SUVs within 10 years

Land Rover's hot new Discovery Vision isn't just a concept. It's the launch vehicle for Land Rover's plans to bring self-driving, gesture-controlled, augmented-reality, cloud-connected and generally super-smart SUVs to market inside 10 years. As it happens, it wasn't the only launch vehicle on display during a stunning event aboard the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier on the New York water front. Virgin Galactic's Space Ship One made an appearance, too. For Land Rover, though, the Vision concept is a tour-de-force of technology that comprehensively blows apart conventional notions of SUVs as big, dumb, lumbering beasts. Continue reading...

Hands on OnePlus One review

OnePlus One

Checking out the world's first CyanogenMod smartphone

It has impressive top end specs, a fluid Android interface and a price tag which quite simply blows the competition out of the water. So to find there isn't any obvious flaws with One makes it a mind boggling feat of power and price. We've only had a brief time with the handset, so issues may arise during our in-depth review, but for now the OnePlus One looks set to seriously shake up the mobile market and the likes of Sony, Samsung and HTC will need to sit up and take note.It's time for 4K to look beyond pushing pixels. OnePlus One review

It s time for 4K to look beyond pushing pixels

The future of 4K is in the detail

The next big thing in Ultra HD will be HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging. 4K may well offer up the picture detail that filmmakers finally agree is a decent representation of their movies, but if you really want to impress a cinematographer then you have to hit them with a much more appetising colour palette. This is what HDR offers and, according to the chatter at broadcast trade show NAB, it's the key ingredient to making 4K work in the home. Essentially, if the general public aren't that picky about pixels, HDR's vibrant colour reproduction will get them to part with their cash. There is a problem, though: currently there's no HDR specification.

Your house is getting smarter - and your phone is the brain

Your house is getting smarter and your phone is the brain

The tech of today and the promise of tomorrow

Smartphones are nice and feature-stocked these days, but we know what the phone buying hoardes are like: everyone wishes they did more. Sure, you can tweet from them, but we want them to be able to cook us dinner and take the robot vacuum for a walk. The good news is that's a future which may be closer than you think.

Watch Dogs

Just how next-gen is Watch Dogs?

Watch Dogs is looking to be the ultimate next-gen game of the year and despite the delay and seeing its share of controversy, it might actually pull it off. With a year of hype under its belt, you probably already know that you'll be playing in third-person as Aiden Pearce, genius hacker and vigilante out for revenge. The game was originally set with a near-future timeline during the early stages of development, but the story has caught up over time and actually begins in 2012. Continue reading...

Samsung UE46H7000 review

Samsung UE46H7000

Samsung's flagship flatscreen has enhanced smart features

Flying the flag for premium Full HD flatscreens is a thankless task in the face of curved and 4K models, and models such as the UE46H7000 are in danger of being tarred with the outdated brush. It doesn't exactly push the envelope of Full HD, but putting aside comparisons with these nascent technologies for a second, the UE46H7000 features a slew of innovations designed to enhance the user experience. These include a point-and-click remote, streamlined Smart TV interface, dual picture display and a faster processor. In terms of picture and sound processing it doesn't offer anything beyond previous generations but is more of a consolidation of existing technologies. Samsung UE46H7000 review

What's going on with Apple and Nike?

Running mates What s going on with Apple and Nike

It's a partnership like no other

Apple's partnership with Nike is like no other. Sure, Apple teams up with manufacturers, retailers and mobile networks all the time. Willing firms like Yahoo and even rivals like Google supply core services, auto manufacturers are baying to integrate CarPlay and accessory makers clamour for that 'Made for iPhone' certification. But with Nike it's different. It's just… tighter. The two American powerhouses are the Brangelina of the tech and business world: made to bask in each other's respective glories. Continue reading...

Sex is better than fiction in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Sex is better than fiction in Dragon Age Inquisition

Why role playing is just the thing for relationships

Lock up your sons and daughters - Bioware is adding more dynamic, complex relationships to Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third entry to the DA franchise, due in October this year. As well as simply showing romantic affection for another character, you'll be able to have a passionate, hate-filled tryst with a rival, or fool around with a mate. No word yet on whether drunken one-night stands will be a viable option, but we live in hope. Bioware has gotten a lot of flack in the past for the romance sub-plots in its games, despite its fairly tame depiction of love and sex compared to The Witcher series, where if characters aren't doing it, they're talking about doing it, usually when you're right in the middle of slaying a monster or traipsing through a dungeon knee-deep in troll dung. Continue reading...