Best of TechRadar: this week's star features and hottest reviews

Phew, what an exciting week!

We had our biggest day ever last Tuesday, with over 1.5 million of you tuning in to TechRadar for news of the new iPhones, and this week we've published our in-depth reviews of said handsets for your reading pleasure!

Why read one iPhone review when you can read two in double the time?

It's not all been about iDevices though. We've published the usual range of cool news and features.

So here's a round-up of all the best features, reviews and videos from the past seven days on TechRadar, from an inside look at the making of Grand Theft Auto V, to a round-up of our favourite phone handsets from across the ages.

How Rockstar built the world of GTA 5


An insider's look at the biggest game of all time

Before Grand Theft Auto 5's first teaser trailer hit in November 2011, gamers were busy speculating about where 5 might be headed. San Andreas was the bookies' favourite, but some felt a return to Vice City was on the cards. Others thought we might even see Rockstar reclaim the streets of London.

However it doesn't take a lot of roaming around GTA 5's map to see why it was important to revisit Vinewood. San Andreas had plenty more to give, and Rockstar had plenty more love to give it. But when faced with putting down the first brick, where do you choose to begin? Continue reading...

The five phones that EVERYBODY loved

The five phones that EVERYBODY loved

At least one of these phones brought a smile to your face

There was a time when phones used to be a bit different from each other. Buyers used to have choices that extended a little further than whether they'd like their featureless new rectangle to run iOS or Android, with the phones of old having quirkier appearances and more unpredictable features.

We miss the days when phones weren't all homogenised into the same form factor by the one huge factory in China that makes everything, so here are the five finest phones that made us love them by being different and proud of it. Continue reading...

Destination everywhere: TomTom maps out the future

TomTom sports watch

TomTom talks Google Glass, wearable tech and its latest mission to make things simple again

Earlier this year, TomTom presented the world with its very own fork in the road. The company, known mainly for its in-car sat nav devices, announced that it would be venturing into the lucrative arena of wearable tech with the launch of the TomTom Runner, its own sports watch.

This isn't a sideline for TomTom, but a sector of the market that is now seen as on a par with its personal navigation devices (PNDs). This marks a significant change in a company that was once known for simply getting you from A to B.

TomTom now wants to be seen as the company that can 'get you where you want to be', whether that be in terms of location or physical fitness. Either way, it's an opportunistic helping hand. Continue reading...

This week's hottest reviews...

iPhone 5S review

Apple iPhone 5S

Faster, new camera and a clever fingerprint reader

The iPhone 5S: a phone that looks like the iPhone 5, but goes so much further under the hood. Is that going to be enough to impress the baying hoardes?

We've been here before, of course: the iPhone 'S' conundrum. The new phone comes along, taking the shell of the previous model, adds some new bits and pieces, and then claims to be an entirely new phone.

Which it is, of course. But also isn't. But mostly is. It's a move that only Apple can pull off with any kind of conviction: the notion that it can take the same chassis, have a little tinker, throw in a new CPU, slightly better battery and camera, and call it an all-conquering device.