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Oculus Rift could one day let you train as a firefighter

Occulus Rift fireman

To help Gloucestershire's Fire Services College prepare new recruits for service while keeping them clear of danger zones, Capita's G2G3 unit developed a series of 14 increasingly challenging simulation exercises for the Oculus Rift.

After strapping on the headset, which is hooked up to a Windows 8.1 aptop or Surface Pro 2 tablet running the simulation software, trainees are beamed Matrix-style into a real-world emergency scenario. But instead of bullet-time martial arts sequences, they could come up against anything from burning buildings to chemical spills or head-on vehicle collisions... Continue reading...

Microsoft Surface 2 4G review

Surface 2

If you're tempted by the Surface 2's slim dimensions and productivity potential but wish it had a little more in the way of connectivity options, Microsoft's Surface 2 4G may be what you're looking for. There's little to differentiate between the two models apart from a micro-SIM card slot along the Surface 2 4G's left-hand edge that lets you connect to a speedy 4G LTE network... Continue reading...

Why 4K displays make sense for businesses


4K has been hailed as the big next thing for entertainment and AV in the consumer arena. All big television manufacturers have one or more 4K television sets in their portfolios and as such components prices (including the panel) are dropping fast. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the technology too. 4K essentially allows more pixels to be shown on any given display, up to four times full HD; which means going from about 2-megapixels to 8-megapixels... Continue Reading...

Post-Heartbleed, is it time to kill OpenSSL?


The Heartbleed Bug (and it's definitely a bug - not a virus) has ignited a debate around the security and reliability of open source software in recent months. Discovered by researchers at Google and Codenomicon, the vulnerability was found in the open source OpenSSL cryptographic software library that provides Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TSL) protection for anything from emails and web browsing to internet banking... Continue reading...

Securing everything: the risks posed by the Internet of Things

Occulus Rift fireman

Every once in a while, a hot new topic hits the security industry and works its way into the media; cloud computing, big data, Facebook scams, and Android malware are all recent examples of such topics that have mutated into buzzwords.

These buzzwords transform into common, everyday realities that can offer both major advantages as well as pose very real and present danger. Right now, there are two key technology topics that are both thought-provoking and headline-worthy: the Internet of Things and connected homes... Continue reading...

Cloud will make on-premise software perform better, faster says Microsoft


At first glance, Microsoft's annual TechEd conference has been all about cloud this year, with the announcements being new features and services on Azure rather than new versions of its server products. But many of the new Azure services are designed for companies who are still using on-premise servers, Azure technical fellow Mark Russinovich told TechRadar.

The new ExpressRoute service where you can connect your servers directly to Azure via an MPLS provider like BT rather than going over the public internet is only useful when you have servers in your company that you want to have connected to Azure over a fast link... Continue reading...