This iPad Pro 10.5 teardown has very good news for Apple fans

Not all iPad Pro models are made equal. The original iPad Pro had 4GB of RAM while the smaller iPad Pro 9.7 only had 2GB, but a teardown of the new iPad Pro 10.5 shows that no specs have been spared this time around.

There’s 4GB of RAM for a start, which is the most you’ll find in any iPad, even seemingly matching the iPad Pro 2 12.9 if a recent GeekBench listing is to be believed.

That’s great news, as it means you won’t have to feel like you need to buy a potentially bigger and more expensive slate than you want just to get the top-end model.

Bigger battery for the same life

The teardown also reveals information on the iPad Pro 10.5’s battery, which is 30.8Wh, up from 27.91Wh in the iPad Pro 9.7. That increase is roughly in line with the screen size increase so should lead to similar battery life, which is exactly what Apple claims, as both slates apparently last for up to 10 hours of media use.

The teardown reveals that not only are the specs largely the same as the 12.9-inch model, but the layout of components is as well, where on the iPad Pro 9.7 they were different. But that’s a layout that seemingly doesn’t make repairs easy, with iFixit (which carried out the teardown) giving the slate a repairability rating of just 2/10.

So that’s bad news if you drop it, but it’s good news in all other ways, with Apple seemingly delivering a Pro slate worthy of the name, in a more compact shell than before.

Via 9to5Mac