In pictures: Panasonic TX-P65VT30B 3D TV

Panasonic's new flagship TV on show in Vegas

While Panasonic announced its new class-leading 3D plasma TVs at this year's CES, it's not exactly going out of its way to shout about them on its stand.

There's only one VT30 TV on display at the show and it's not even showing any 3D pictures. It was situated on the outside of the stand – almost as an afterthought - and wasn't showing any pictures that we could draw any conclusions from regarding performance.

Still though, we managed to have a bit of a poke around and take some snaps.


The VT30 series packs Panasonic's new Infinite Black Pro 2 pro panel, and features a one-sheet glass design reminiscent of the LCD and plasma models that LG launched in 2009.


We have to say though, Panasonic could do with taking a look at Samsung's stunning new D8000 series of LED TVs which Marc looked at yesterday. They look absolutely stunning, while Panasonic's sets seem fairly understated and boring by comparison.


Even last year's V20 series, with its brushed metal design, looked better than this one. But that's not to say this isn't a fantastic TV underneath – it's almost certainly the best plasma TV on the planet.


Panasonic always holds its annual product showcase in February – this year it's in London – so we'll take a closer look at it then and let you know what we think.


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