The Simpsons set to make HD debut

So clear, they'll almost look like real people

The Simpsons is all set to finally make its debut in high definition in February, meaning you can watch Homer et al clearer than ever before.

That's right, you get the chance to see Springfield in even greater detail... though we doubt you'll get any clues as to which Springfield in the US it's actually meant to represent.

Select... and record

The new show will be aired on 15 February on Sky One HD, which coincides with the US showing. The same episode will be repeated on 27 February for everyone who missed it and didn't record it on their HD PVR.

Home Cinema Choice believes that this will also be the first outing for America's favourite dysfunctional family in widescreen... which only took 20 seasons.

But for all you HD nay-sayers out there, don't have a cow... it will be back in its usual 4:3 SD format by the next episode.


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