LG to show off Smart TV and 'magic' controller concepts

Connected telly gets an airing

LG gets smart with its Smart TV service

LG has announced it will be showing of some concepts of its Smart TV service, its version of bringing web content to televisions.

It has chosen IFA 2010 to show of the service which is said to be based around the concepts of: Easy, Fun, More and Better.

So a bit like a date with Kelly Brook then.

LG's Smart TV will have its own Home Dashboard, where you can use applications and access a range of premium content all on a single screen – and you will also be able to add favourite websites here as well.

We're expecting the Smart TV concept to land on TVs like the company's recently announced LEX8.

Smart system

The Smart TV interface will be controlled by LG's Magic Motion Remote Control, which will be used in conjunction with the company's wand-like controller which was shown off back in CES 2010.

"With the introduction of our advanced SMART TV, LG is able to offer a 'Total Home Entertainment Solution' enabling consumers to enjoy practically any digital content on any smart device," explained Simon Kang, President and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company.

"For consumers who want full control over how and where they get their entertainment with maximum ease and comfort, the LG Smart TV solution may be all they need."

LG's Smart TV will have a UK release date of early 2011.

3D monitor

LG will also be showing off its latest 3D gaming monitor at IFA - with the W63D boasting a 'more realistic' experience.

With 3D gaming beginning to get some purchase in the market – and the likes of Nvidia and Sony championing the move to an extra dimension, LG's W63D uses a much higher resolution than standard to improve the experience.

"LG's W63D 3D gaming monitor delivers a more realistic 3D experience with more than double the resolution of regular HD monitors," explained LG's release.

"The extremely high picture quality means longer periods of viewing without discomfort."

The monitor will be shown off at IFA in Berlin, where gamers will get the chance to see if the monitor truly enhances what many see as still a gimmick rather than must have technology.

But with gaming developers insistent that 3D is a, ahem, game changer, LG will be hoping that its higher resolution offering will provide a decent option.

TechRadar will be at IFA 2010 in full force, so expect a hands-on with LG Smart TV as soon as the curtains are raised.

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