Samsung to join the Android Wear smartwatch party at Google I/O?

Samsung is planning to announce a smartwatch running Google's wearable-centric Android Wear operating system, reports this weekend have claimed.

According to CNET sources, the firm will reveal the device at the next week's Google I/O expo, where Motorola and LG are also expected to deliver Android Wear smartwatches.

Samsung has declined to comment on the report, but an Android Wear device would represent a departure from its current strategy of using the home-cooked Tizen software to power its Gear-branded wearables.

The device, which the report says could be handed out to Google I/O attendees, would represent a commitment to Google and also give Samsung the chance to diversify its offerings.

Show stealer?

It has long been thought that LG will announce the oft-leaked G Watch at the June 25 event and a new purported image of that device appeared on Friday.

The Moto 360 Watch is also widely expected to show its round face at the event.

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