HTC teases its GoPro-rivaling camera in new video

All will be revealed October 8

HTC is known to heavily tease its forthcoming products, and it's not deviating from the script when it comes to its next device.

The company published a teaser YouTube video today, lathering it on thick that we're in for a GoPro-rivaling camera soon.

The teaser is comprised of several action scenes, all seemingly captured with the same device. A woman is caught swimming underwater, a girl juggles a soccer ball (sometimes in slow-motion), two girlfriends snap a selfie, and another woman rides a bike through New York City. The message? Whatever HTC has cooking, it's waterproof, can capture in real-time and slow-mo, is mountable, hand hold-able and can take still shots.

All in all, it seems like a pretty nifty device.

You can scope the video below, and you may even catch a glimpse of the camera at the three-second mark. HTC promised to unveil more on October 8, the day of its "Double Exposure" media event, so we should see this mystery snapper soon.