Vodafone launches Red Hot 12-month smartphone rental plan

Get an iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3 for one year

Vodafone launches Red Hot 12 month smartphone rental plan

Vodafone has today launched its new Red Hot smartphone tariffs, which will enable customers to rent a new handset each year.

Similar to car-leasing arrangements, users can borrow a smartphone like the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3 for a higher monthly rate and then swap it out for the new model at the end of the year.

For the all-conquering Galaxy S3, the Red Hot deal will set you back £47 per month for handset rental, 2GB of data, unlimited calls and texts and insurance on the device.

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If you want to own the handset, the same plan (minus insurance) is £42 on a 24-month contract with a free phone. Alternatively the 12-month equivalent of owning the phone costs £51, offers 1GB of data, no insurance and requires a one-off £99 fee.

Goodbye early-upgrade fees

The plans are likely to be popular with smartphone users on two-year contracts who find themselves coughing up early-upgrade fees each year, in order to get the latest model.

That second year with a previous generation iPhone can be a long one for some Apple loyalists, so the Red Hot deal could be a fine option for those who want the latest and greatest.

If you'd like to obtain an iPhone 5 on the Red Hot plan, it'll cost £59 a month, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be £52 a month.

O2 currently gives its customers a similar option with the O2 Lease plan.

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