Spotify app pulled from Android market

Droidify dropped to make way for official effort

Droidify, the first Spotify application on the Android Market, has been pulled from the site.

According to Bobcat Zed, the designer of the program, he decided to pull the application in order to protect the arrangement Spotify has in place for its forthcoming app.

He revealed the decision on his official Twitter feed:

"Just talked to @gustavs of Spotify and we agreed on me removing #Droidify because it violates Spotify's arrangements with the music labels.


"Otherwise consequences could be that the labels would start removing music from Spotify, something that would be a great loss to us all.

"So there will be no future updates to #Droidify. (Even though a bugfix for the login crash was in the pipeline.)"

The application was likely to be a similar incarnation to the official application on its way, with a premium account needed for streaming over 3G and Wi-Fi, although offline synchronisation wasn't allowed.

Still, we hope the official version is on its way in the near future, and perhaps on the iPhone as well!

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