In pictures: How to get Windows Mobile 6.5

All the phones with latest Microsoft mobile OS

Windows Mobile 6.5 has officially landed, bringing with it a whole host of upgrades to the Windows Phone experience.

But apparently it's launching on 60 handsets worldwide, so if you're desperate to try out Windows Mobile 6.5, it might be difficult to work out which phones are actually using it.

So check out our list below, featuring all the phones bringing WinMo 6.5 to the UK market:

  • HTC HD2

HTC hd2

Key features: 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen, 5MP camera with flash

Carrier: Likely O2 and T-Mobile

Availability: End of October

  • HTC Touch2

HTC touch 2

Key features: Budget model (price unknown but likely to be low), only 110g

Carrier: Unknown

Availability: October

  • HTC Touch Diamond 2 (MDA Vario Compact 2 on T-Mobile)

HTC touch diamond 2

Key features: TouchFlo interface, Widescreen VGA high resolution screen

Carrier: Orange, O2 and T-Mobile

Availability: Now, and as software upgrade

  • HTC Touch Pro2 (MDA Vario V on T-Mobile)

HTC touch pro 2

Key features: Full QWERTY keyboard, high power 1500mAh battery

Carrier: Orange

Availability: Now, and as software upgrade


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