HTC 'Spotify' Hero now available on 3

Get unlimited music with the new style tariff

3 has announced the HTC Hero, complete with Spotify Premium subscription, is available from its shops.

Consumers get a free* Spotify Premium account for two years, allowing them to use music streaming on the Android handset.

The reason it's not free* is that the deal is tied into the cost of the contract - customers pay £99 up front and £35 a month for two years to get the phone complete with Spotify.

Spotting the cheaper deal

When compared to other similar phones on the network, it does mean you get Spotify Premium for around £100 less than it would have cost to buy outright, and plus it's tied in to your monthly bill anyway.

The Hero is also available in non-Spotify variations on Pay as you Go, with the phone costing £369.99, meaning a no string attachment to the top Android phone.

And if you don't want either but still want a spot of Spotify, you can also get a free** month's subscription to the premium service by picking up a £19.99 mobile broadband dongle.

(*not actually free) (**actually free)


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