HTC's next Windows mobile to be biggest on market?

New picture leaks out of the Leo

More information on the next from the HTC line up appears to have leaked out, with new specs to accompany it too.

However, the 'leak' of the new HTC Leo should be taken with a strong pinch of salt, as it was provided by forum member 'Football' over at HTCpedia.

Statements of intent

He states the new phone will be a tablet design, and will have a 4.3-inch screen, run Windows Mobile 6.5 and use the Snapdragon 1GHz processor for whizzy fast execution, with 320MB of RAM apparently.

There will be an 8MP camera with AF, Wi-Fi, a 3.5mm headphone jack (on a WinMo phone? Ooh...) and a microSD slot.

Or, in short, a fanboy's wishlist over what he'd like to see on the next HTC Windows Mobile phone.

True or not, check out the picture (well, more of a rendering / fun afternoon on Photoshop really) and make up your own mind.

Via HTCPedia


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