10 best job hunting apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

This app helps you to put together a CV in stages. Though ResuM8 is free, it doesn't really function properly without buying the database of headlines as an In-App Purchase. For £1.99 you get access to 400 bulleted 'Strengths' that you can use in your C.V. This is great if you struggle to sum up ways to describe what you do, and what you're good at.

Inevitably, some of the Strengths are a touch corny, though you can change them if you prefer. The app could do with a bit of spit and polish in the design department too, but it's perfectly accomplished for creating a quick-fire CV.

Once you've created one, you can send it as a PDF or RTF file and can attach a covering letter, too. There's a short introduction explaining the reasoning behind the ResuM8 method, which is worth a quick read, and you can create a CV without a paying a penny if you really want to - so at least you can check the app out for free.

6. Jobsite Jobs


An appropriately named app for searching though vacancies

Price: Free
Works with: iPhone, iPod touch

Jobsite Jobs is a handy iPhone frontend to the many thousands of roles available on jobsite.co.uk. You can search by keyword and place, as well as using location services to let you see what vacancies are nearby. You can narrow your search to include jobs advertised in the last few hours, or widen it to all roles posted in the last seven days. You can also set the search distance up to a 50 mile radius.

Finally, you can choose to exclude temporary, part-time or contract jobs - or search only for those types if you like. Results can be ordered by relevance to your search terms, date posted, or salary, and searches can be saved to make it easier to re-run the query at a later date.

Although there are promoted jobs within the app, the one we clicked on was outof- date, somwhat annoyingly. If you have a Jobsite account, you can create a shortlist of roles for later. Once you've uploaded your CV, you can also quickly apply for any role.

7. Interview Questions Pro

interview questions pro

No need to be fearful about the nerve-jangling interview process…

Price: 69p / 99¢
Works with: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Once you've found a job and created a compelling CV that has employers clambering over each other to see you in person, you still need to perfect your interview skills if you want that coveted position. Interview Questions Pro splits practice questions into sections, covering critical thinking, work history, behavioural aspects, and you - the candidate.

There's also a selection of suggested questions for you to ask a potential employer. Simply tap on a section to get started with the sample questions. You can begin at question number one and work your way though, or simply pick out the questions at random.

Tap on the question to flip the flash card to reveal the sort of thing you're supposed to be saying. The app doesn't give you a word-for-word answer, of course, but instead points you in the general direction. You can add your own questions for more personalised interview practice too, if you want.

8. Resume Designer

Resume Designer

A simple template tool for creating the perfect CV on the go

Price: £1.99 / $2.99
Works with: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Resume Designer is a basic app that lets you make your own CV very easily. All you have to do is type the relevant information into a template to create a document.

There are five default résumé sections on the basic template, such as Objectives and Work Experience. All you have to do is tap on a section and fill in the details. A persistent preview below each entry shows you exactly what your changes look like as they happen.