StreetView comes to Windows Mobile and S60

Apple's iPhone isn't the only player in town any more

Those hoping to navigate their way around the world's big cities will be feeling pretty chirpy now Google has revealed it has developed its StreetView function for Windows Mobile and S60 handsets.

Previously stuck on the iPhone following the firmware 2.2 update, the move will see the software from the search giants head into a vastly higher number of handsets.

France and further

However, don't break out the GPS-based champagne just yet, as StreetView is only really available in the US and some parts of France at the moment.

But checking out the service will show users that the experience is pretty similar to that seen on desktops, even if you're only able to cross the Golden Gate Bridge and see the Eiffel Tower.

Don't worry though, it won't be long before StreetView will be extended to more countries, as the Google cars have been whizzing all around Europe for the past few months, causing their fair share of controversy on the way.


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