Sony Ericsson: officially no fun

There's no F in phones

Confusion reigned today at Sony Ericsson when it was announced at the launched of their flagship Taiwanese store they would be releasing a new series of mobile phones.

Dubbed the F-series - for fun - the range was printed on the list of mobile phone product prefixes.

But word from Sony Ericsson head office is they have no such product in the offing.

“We do not have an F-series in our portfolio,” says a spokesperson for SE. “We haven’t announced anything like this.”

Looking inward

The spokesperson also said there would be an internal investigation about the claim, though there was no word on whether the sign would be removed.

Sony have already released an F-prefixed phone - the F500i - back in 2004, though it is unknown whether any future ‘F’ models would be a continuation.

Softpedia reported the F-series unveiling, and included pics of the prefix sign, so see the proof for yourself.


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