Tesco planning an 'enhanced' Hudl 2 tablet for 2014, following huge demand

Every sequel helps...

Tesco planning an enhanced Hudl 2 tablet for 2014 following huge demand

The £119 Tesco Hudl tablet has been flying off supermarket shelves around the UK faster than half price scotch in the last few months, so it's no surprise to hear the retailer is already working on a sequel.

With the Android tablet completely selling out across the UK, not once, but twice, since release, Tesco has said a new and improved version will go on sale sometime in the new year.

The sequel slate will be an 'enhanced version' according to the company's chief executive Phillip Clarke, perhaps pointing to more advanced innards, better screen resolution, a new version of Android and more.

Clarke also admitted the popularity of the Hudl tablet, had taken it by surprise, with 35,000 sold in the first week and 300,000 in total at the time of writing.

The sales have amounted to "more than we had originally planned in total in the run-up to Christmas," with a few weeks to spare, Clark told The Guardian.

Just the beginning?

Industry insiders seem to think Tesco will use the success of the Hudl to launch a much wider range of own-branded gadgets and electronics while incorporating its digital stores as Amazon has with

"Our expectation is that the Hudl tablet could be a beachhead for a wider expansion into own-branded consumer electronics given the strong sales it has already recorded," analyst Ben Wood said.

"Tesco will be acutely aware that Amazon is using its Kindle Fire tablets as a direct means to deepen its relationship with its customers. Tesco must address this quickly and develop Hudl into a direct channel that links into its numerous other assets such as the Clubcard and Blinkbox."

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