China blocks Google Nexus 7 imports

Is it payback?

Google's Nexus 7, already plagued by supply shortages, has a new, international problem on its hands.

According to a recent report, China is shutting the Nexus 7 out of the country by stalling on approving importation of the tablet.

Google and China have an increasingly icy relationship, and this may just be the latest power play by a country known for its unilateral censorship.

In March 2010, Google took its search engine out of Chinese borders because, it said, China was forcing the Mountain View, Calif.-based company to self-censor its results.

No Nexus 7 for you

Without governmental approval, the Nexus 7 will have a hard time breaking into the world's most populated nation.

Though China's got a host of native vendors, consumers there may miss getting their hands on a tab TechRadar was thoroughly impressed by.

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