'Enhanced' Tesco Hudl 2 will touch down this September

Budgeteers, stand by

 Enhanced Tesco Hudl 2 will launch this September

On top of announcing that it will be launching a Hudl smartphone later this year, Tesco has also confirmed that the Hudl 2 is set to arrive this September.

While he didn't offer any info on possible specs or price, Tesco chief exec Philip Clarke told BBC Radio 5 that the Hudl 2 will touch down a year after the first.

The 7-inch tablet has already sold 550,000 units since launch, an achievement that has been helped by the £119 price tag.

Archos built Tesco's first tablet, and we've contacted the company to ask whether it will be doing the honours for the follow-up tablet too – and possibly the Hudl smartphone.

Cheap and cheerful

We'd expect the Hudl 2 will also be shooting for the budget market, but with a bump-up in specs. A bit more speed would be especially nice.

Last year, Clarke said that an 'enhanced" Hudl would come this year, so it's not a surprise to hear this confirmation. But it's good to have a month to mark in the diary.