Fixing Google Chrome: how to make it a must-have browser

Seven essential features Google should add to Chrome

Google Chrome broswer

We've been using Google Chrome for a week now, and while we're impressed with its speed, we're less enamoured with its functionality.

For all of us at TechRadar and our sister computing magazines at Future, there's a deal breaker that has us running back to Firefox or Internet Explorer. Here's what we need from Google Chrome before it stands a chance of becoming our everyday browser.

Sure, it's beta software so we know that extra features are likely to appear, but we thought we'd help the Google devs out with our suggestions.

1. Google Toolbar
"I use Google Toolbar's Bookmarks to maintain the same list of bookmarks on my work PC, laptop, home desktop and Mac. For me, until that functionality is there, I can't use Chrome as my main browser, much as I'd like to."
Stuart Anderton, Publisher, TechRadar

2. Mouse gestures
"Add-ins, especially mouse gestures. I'm so used to using mouse gestures in Firefox that Chrome sees me uselessly wiggling my mouse about trying to open new tabs, and going back and forwards. Sorry Google – no mouse gestures, no Chrome."
Paul Douglas, Editor, TechRadar

3. Better history management
"I'd like to be able to remove individual pages from my 'most visited' pages that appear on my start page. Clearing my entire browsing data is overkill when I just want to remove one site that I spent a few days visiting but have no intention of visiting again."
Patrick Goss, Editor, TechRadar

4. RSS subscriptions
"For me, RSS is absolutely essential for any browser. It's not so much that it has to be my permanent reader, but it has to at least be able to deal with RSS so that when I decide to I can favourite the feed or at the very least browse through it and decide whether it's worth subscribing to. Feeds are an increasingly important way of reading a whole bunch of websites and it shouldn't be underestimated. Why Google can't just plug iGoogle in as a Start Page seems strange, but no doubt it will happen in future."
Dan Grabham, Computing Editor, TechRadar

5. Bookmarks pane
"A decent bookmarks pane – I have thousands of them! Plus automatic bookmark synching across multiple computers. I can't use it seriously until that's available."
Adam Ifans, Editor, PC Format

6. Pop-up blocker
"I like Chrome for its simplicity, so I don't want to see them add too many things. I'd like an option to get rid of pop-ups entirely, especially as I've had a few that have started playing sounds at me despite supposedly being out of the way, and the current bookmarking system is far too simplistic. A little RSS flag for easy subscription to website feeds wouldn't hurt, either – I hate playing hunt-the-icon – and browser syncing would be useful."
Richard Cobbett, Features Editor, PC Plus

7. Social bookmarking toolbars
"Without any toolbar add-ons for social bookmarking tools like Delicious or Magnolia, using Chrome as a main browser seems like a laborious process. What made Firefox so great was the add-ons – not beefier security or faster browsing. It's the social and productivity revolution that makes today's web what it is."
Christian Hall, Deputy Editor, PCAnswers

Do we need a Mac version? Graham Barlow, Editor of Mac Format doesn't seem especially excited by the prospect: "The ability to pull tabs off onto the desktop to create new browser windows has been a feature of Leopard's Safari for a while now, but it wouldn't hurt to have a version of Chrome on the Mac, since the other major browsers, like Firefox, are also available on the Mac."

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