Here's how you destroy a hard drive when the government tells you to

Shame about all that data still being available, eh Dave?

The Guardian took an angle grinder to computer hard disks that had been used to store files leaked by Edward Snowden under the watchful eye of two GCHQ technicians and filmed the destructoporn for your enjoyment.

It took three hours and a selection of angle grinders, dremels and a degausser to smash up the computers - watch the video here.

Of course, being digital files and all, multiple copies of the data exist elsewhere including at The Guardian's US offices. The paper was upfront with Dave and co about that but the government was adamant the equipment be destroyed anyway. Symbolism has a lot to answer for.

More blips!

You can take our lives, you can take our families but you'll never make us take a degausser to blips.


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