Kingston unveils low-latency RAM modules

Company first to unveil low latency

Kingston has won the race to release new ultra low-latency DDR2 800MHz 3-3-3 HyperX memory modules. Available now, the new modules are the fastest performing memory available, providing speed and performance without the need for overclocking.

Marc Bernier at Kingston said, "By achieving 3-3-3 timing with our new HyperX ultra low-latency 800MHz DDR2 modules, Kingston offers both gaming and technical enthusiasts the flexibility to drive performance and benchmarking scores to the limit."

Squeezing more performance out of the current DDR2 technology, Kingston Technology has developed the highest performance gaming memory, without having to overclock the memory bus frequencies. The ultra low-latency HyperX is shipping in 512MB and 1GB modules, as well as 1GB and 2GB memory kits.

Kingston Technology's memory comes with a lifetime warranty and you can buy a 1GB module for £72.


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