Sneaky instant-on boot system for Windows

Asrock adds trickery to motherboards, but it's still kinda clever

There are plenty of laptops and netbooks these days with 'instant on' modes that grant access to a few simple functions without having to go through a full OS boot. Now, a Taiwanese motherboard maker says it has done the same for Windows.

Asrock's Instant Boot is a low-level application that can be installed on any of the company's recent boards to perform a sneaky trick that approximates to instant-on flash-based platforms such as Splashtop Linux.

Smoke and mirrors

Instant Boot springs into action when a Windows machine is shut down after a session. It silently closes the OS and reboots it into a standby or hibernate state, from which it takes just three or four seconds to stat up next time the power switch is pressed.

While it's really just an illusion – after all, anyone can put their computer to sleep manually – Asrock says the Instant Boot solution is effective, as it offers quick access to a clean boot of Windows free from memory leak and other problems associated with the OS.