Zotac launches GeForce GTX 285 Batman edition

Holy superlatives, Batman! It comes with free copy of Arkham Asylum!

Zotac has announced a limited edition Batman-themed version of its Nvidia GeForce GTX 285-powered graphics card.

As well as getting Nvidia's fastest single-GPU graphics chip, and some Bat-tastic artwork on the card itself, owners of the limited edition will also receive a free copy of the Caped Crusader's new game, Batman: Arkham Asylum.

The new Batman game has been one of the most warmly received titles of the year, and sees the Bat battling old foes like the Joker and Poison Ivy, while the Riddler plagues Gotham with his criminal conundrums.

And the great news is that there's no premium attached to this limited edition. It'll be available in a couple of weeks, priced £259.99 – the same price as the vanilla flavoured Zotax GTX 285. Be quick though - only 900 have been made.

batman arkham asylum

It's worth noting that the game doesn't come in the box itself – but you do get a voucher to download your free copy from Steam.

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