Sony pimps Cyber-shot range with new GPS kit

CPS-CS1 GPS now available with software bundle

Following on from the launch of the 6-megapixel Cyber-shot DSC-G1 in Japan, Sony has announced an update to its GPS-CS1 GPS accessory. The Cyber-shot add-on device plots GPS co-ordinates for every photo you take, and using your PC the program matches photo dates and times with satellite-derived position information.

Sony is now making the CS1 available as part of a new GPS-CS1KA GPS Unit kit, which includes Sony Picture Motion Browser software. Already supplied as standard with current Cyber-shot cameras, this program matches photo dates and times with satellite-derived position information captured using the GPS-CS1.

Tagged images can then be displayed in situ on an online map, adding a fascinating 'where and when' dimension to enjoyment and management of photo libraries. This function is powered by Google Maps.

Supplied on CD-ROM, Picture Motion Browser software is compatible with all digital cameras conforming to the Exif 2.1 file specification. This means, in practice, that the GPS-CS1KA can be used successfully with all digital cameras produced within the last few years, including most non-Sony models.

In addition to all current Cyber-shot and Handycam models, the package is compatible with the Sony 100 D-SLR camera when shooting in JPEG or JPEG RAW mode.


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