12 great Apple Watch accessories for Christmas gifts

The Apple Watch tries to please on every level - and generally it succeeds. It's stylish, customizable, and packed with smart features, but there's only so much a timepiece can achieve on its own.

Thankfully, a range of quality products from third-party manufacturers exist that let you customize your Apple Watch experience even more (and they'll make perfect presents).

Whether you want to pimp your timepiece's aesthetics or just protect it from damage, there's an accessory that will do the job, and we've collected twelve of the most interesting choices out there.

To create this list, we've scoured the web for the things we're most impressed by, offering some cool features to enhance the power of your smart timepiece. We've ranked these from cheapest to most expensive according to prices at time of writing  - however, some variation may occur over time.


1. Actionproof Apple Watch Case

A no-frills way to keep your Apple Watch safe

Colors: Black, Orange, White | Material: Rubber


If you wear your timepiece on a construction site or when engaging in high-risk sports - and you can live with some extra bulk on your wrist - then the Actionproof case could be for you.

The shock-absorbing bumper case uses a tight-fitting silicone housing, made to withstand knocks and trips and keep your Apple Watch looking good as new, wherever you wear it.

With accurate cut-outs for the watch's microphone, speaker, heart rate sensor and digital crown, the case keeps things accessible while also fending off a list of potential environmental threats, including UV radiation and extreme temperatures.

Griffin Survivor

2. Griffin Survivor Tactical Case

A sporty case that adds protection

Colors: Green, Blue, White, Black, Coral Fire | Material: TPE and polycarbonate

Lots of color choices
Only suits a sporty setting
Doesn't use premium materials

Griffin knows all about extreme phone defense, and the company recently transferred its protective case smarts over to the Apple Watch, with decent results.

The Survivor Tactical Case boasts a tough screen guard to keep your watch's display safe from scratches without compromising the display's touch responsiveness, and a molded TPE/polycarbonate body clips over the case to protect the Digital Crown from above, while remaining accessible from below.

3. Wearlizer Metal Watch Band Clasp

Lets you use normal straps with your Apple Watch

Colors: Silver, Gray | Material: Stainless steel

Massively widens your strap choice
Not too pricey
Doesn't do much without a new strap
Not the most exciting present

We knew it was inevitable, but Apple ditching standard watchbands for something much more proprietary is still a blow, especially to those of us who don't want to splash out on the stainless steel link bracelet Apple is selling just to inject some metal into our watch.

Thankfully, this Wearlizer adaptor exists. Slotting into the wearable, it lets you attach almost any regular watch strap you want.

Pad and Quill

4. Pad&Quill Roll Up Leather Case

A stylish and premium travel case

Colors: Onyx Black, Chocolate | Material: Leather

Real leather
Only two colors

It's not always desirable to have your Apple Watch on show when you're travelling, and helpfully Pad&Quill has a gorgeous solution for safely stowing the watch away.

The Roll Up Case is a full-grain leather pouch lined with soft linen inside to keep your Apple Watch safe and snug. 

There's also space left over in the wallet for your charging cable and an additional strap, plus the Luxury edition includes a stylish wooden pocket stand.

5. Nomad Pod for Apple Watch

A stylish way to boost your battery

Colors: Space Gray, Silver | Material: Aluminum

Keeps your watch battery alive
Stylish design
A bit DIY
It's one more thing to carry with you

External power packs are a must for the Apple Watch if you plan to use it heavily. This particular one is sleek, molded from aluminum and packs an 1800mAh battery. It looks like it could have come from one of Apple's own design studios. 

It's a little 'DIY' though, as you have to use your own MagSafe charging cable, plug it into the battery and then wrap it around the interior to actually charge your Watch.

Still, being able to juice up the wearable a few times in our pocket sounds good to us.

6. Griffin WatchStand

One stand for two devices

Colors: Black, White | Material: Plastic

Holds your iPhone too
Only comes in two colors

Griffin's WatchStand is a nightly home for the wearable and your iPhone. There's a lip on the front that'll prop up your smartphone, while a raised arm proudly hoists your Watch into full view.

You'll be able to attach the MagSafe charger, but it doesn't look like there's anywhere for the iPhone cable. Saying that, it is one of cheaper docking solutions for the Apple Watch, and while it's not constructed from metal the matte black plastic still looks good.


7. Casetify Apple Watch bands

A strap that puts your memories on your wrist

Colors: Black or silver buckle, custom straps | Material: Stainless steel and polycarbonate

Endless customization options
Choice of buckle colors
Not all images will work well
Doesn't look premium

Casetify is well known for its custom phone cases, but did you know the company lets customers design their own Apple Watch strap, too?

All you do is upload a photo to the Casetify website or choose one from your Facebook or Instagram account, and use this as a basis for your one-of-a-kind design.

Various layouts are available for both sizes of Apple Watch, and if inspiration is in short supply, you can always pick one of the company's many cool designs.

Zens powerbank

8. ZENS Apple Watch Powerbank

Keeps your Watch charged while you're on the move

Colors: White, Gray | Material: Plastic

Provides multiple charges
Won't charge other gadgets

Charging solutions don't come any simpler or smaller than this. Zens' minuscule Apple Watch power bank doesn't have a Lightning cable port - instead, it relies on an internal 1300mAh battery which is attached to an embedded inductive charger.

Four LEDs on the side indicate the battery's power level, and the cube packs three full charges before it needs to be plugged in for re-juicing via its micro USB port (although, irritatingly, adapter not included).

The Powerbank also supports Night Stand mode, making this a great all-round travel companion.

9. Twelve South HiRise

A classic stand made of metal

Colors: Black, Silver | Material: Metal

Suits the Apple Watch
No cable included

This is a rehash of Twelve South's older HiRise stands for iPhone and iPad (both of which we're huge fans of), but made to keep your Apple Watch charged up and visible when it's not attached to your wrist.

Its aluminum body, available in either black or silver, is Apple-esque and the finish, especially the soft silicone coated edges that'll stop any scratches appearing when you lift up or set down the wearable, is certainly premium.

You'll need to provide your own MagSafe cable, so it's probably best to pick up a spare unless you want this to be your charging solution.

10. Sena Leather Watch Case

Lets your Watch travel in style

Colors: Black/Gunmetal | Material: Leather

High quality
Magnetic lid
High price
Only comes in one color

Sena makes brilliant leather sleeves for iPhones, iPads and more. This is a neat travel case that protects the Watch when it's in your luggage. It also works as a charging stand.

It's compact and light, though there's a useful compartment in the base for the charging cord. This is handy when you're travelling, in case there's no convenient surface to rest the Watch on in your hotel room, say. It also means that you can leave the charging cable permanently connected.

The lid is magnetic, too, so you can be sure the Watch stays safely inside.

Bucardo Hammered Pocket Watch

11. Bucardo Hammered Pocket Watch

An opulent option

Colors: Silver, Gold, Silver Pinstripe, Gold Pinstripe | Material: Metal

Limited appeal

Turn your Apple Watch into a classy pocket watch with this vintage jewelry accessory from Bucardo. Or, if you don't find it at all classy, then it's perfect for the hipster in your life.

Part of the company's Pendulum Collection, this pocket watch fits into the band slots of Apple's iconic timepiece. 

Bucardo's creation has a stylish hammered cover and a fitted hinge, so you can close it over the Apple Watch display and easily flip the pocket watch open to check the time, in true aristocratic style.

The hammered pocket watch includes an adjustable 15-inch chain and comes in plain or pinstriped silver or gold, plus the Bucardo also offers equally eye-catching Apple Watch necklace pendants.


12. B&O Beoplay H5 Wireless Earphones

High-end earphones packed full of features

Colors: Black, Dusty Rose | Material: Aluminum, fabric and rubber

Great sound
Well designed
Very expensive
Only two color choices

If you like to keep track of your fitness activities using your Apple Watch but crave a little musical motivation on those long and lonely runs, then Bluetooth earphones are the way to go.

These premium buds by Bang & Olufsen sit at the high end of the wireless earphones market, but the H5's are brilliantly designed. The magnetized buds snap together around your neck and auto-power off when not in use, they sound excellent, and you can even take calls thanks to the built-in microphone.

They also come with a neat magnetized charging cube and plenty of spare ear tips for matching your comfort and size needs.