We've done a little bit more of an in-depth test with the iPhone 5C, and subjected it to our Benchmarking system. We used three platforms - Geek Bench 3, SunSpider and PeaceKeeper - for a decent level of comparison.

There's no surprises when it comes to the iPhone 5C benchmarks, as it matches the iPhone 5 every step of the way thanks to its identical spec sheet.

Obviously the iPhone 5C doesn't perform anywhere near as well as theiPhone 5S, but with a brand new A7 chip inside Apple's latest flagship phone that's no surprise either.

While it may not match its big brother, the iPhone 5C cans still comfortably compete in the benchmark arena and finds itself on a par with both the iPad 4 and iPad 3.


iPhone 5C benchmarks

Geek Bench 3

iPhone 5C benchmarks


iPhone 5C benchmarks