Porsche says the 911 will be electrified in time for summer

Porsche 911 992
(Image credit: Porsche)

Porsche has a pretty unenviable launch diary this year, what with Macan EV, refreshed Panamera and the record-breaking Taycan Turbo GT all going on sale. 

But things are about to get a whole lot busier with the announcement that its famous 911 will also boast battery packs by the close of 2024.

That's right, the car that has been fuelling the mid-life crisis for over 60 years will go hybrid this summer, as Porsche has confirmed that its plan to add batteries to the 992 911 is firmly underway.

The car, which is colloquially being referred to as the '992.2' will bridge a gap between what's on sale now and an all-new ninth generation model that's due to surface some time in 2027/2028, which may well be offered in a pure battery EV variant for the first time in the 911's life.

Porsche 911 992

(Image credit: Porsche)

Autocar claims that the hybrid model is due to appear alongside a new four-wheel-drive model and will feature a powerful combination of Porsche's turbocharged six-cylinder engine and a "specially designed electric motor housed within the front axle assembly".

This setup will see the engine drive the rear wheels, with the electric motor providing extra shove to the front axle.

It’s probable that Porsche will adopt a similar system to that found on the mightily powerful and recently announced SL 63 S E Performance from Mercedes-AMG, which sees a high performance, F1-inspired battery pack able to charge and then discharge in milliseconds for potent boosts of power.

With that in mind, the hybrid system will be used to chase lofty power outputs and eye-watering performance figures, rather than offer any substantial emissions-free mileage.

Porsche bets on batteries 

Porsche 911 992

(Image credit: Porsche)

Purists will likely bemoan the recent announcement that the German marque's iconic sports car is going hybrid; we can already hear the "is nothing sacred?!" exclamations.

But Porsche is now predominantly an SUV company, with its crossovers outselling its sports cars by around three to one in the USA alone. We already know that the future of both Macan and Cayenne will be electrified.

With ever-stricter legislation surrounding emissions imposed by various governmental bodies, Porsche will have to increasingly turn to battery technology in order to decrease its average CO2 output across the fleet. But it also makes sound financial sense to focus on the development of one technology and use the resulting knowledge across its business.

It’s not going to be easy to wave goodbye to the German manufacturer’s howling flat-six powertrain, but it is looking increasingly likely that its time on this planet is running out.

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